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LTC-PRO Laser cutting machine

The LTC-PRO Series Laser Cutting Machine is one of the most efficient solutions for small and medium businesses. This series is a high-performance and reliable tool designed for high precision cutting of sheet material. The portal mechanism of the laser machine is implemented on a linear drive, which allows achieving high precision machining in combination with the maximum reliability of the motion system.

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  • high speed metal processing;
  • low cost of manufactured products;
  • high quality of a cut and precision accuracy of processing;
  • use of energy efficient systems.


The bundled software package allows you to:

  • perform cutting with a common cut in automatic mode, take into account the width of the cut
  • optimize idling;
  • if necessary, prohibit the passage of the cutting head above the cut places;
  • keep records of procurements, received parts and business waste;
  • automatically install micro-jumpers in the cutting circuit.
  • The software package allows you to download and edit drawings of the formats .dwg, .dxf and any other formats supported by CAD, and has the ability to network synchronize with personal computers and the ability to read information from various kinds of electronic media.

The software of the laser complex is multilingual, compatible with the equipment of all the world’s leading analogues, such as Bystronic, Trumpf, Amada, LVD, Finn-Power, etc., and is also suitable for plasma, bending and coordinate-cutting machines.



In the laser complexes of the LTC-PRO series, the most modern components of the leading world manufacturers are used:

  1. Laser — IPG Photonics or nLight (USA-Germany)
  2. Precision rail guides — company Schneeberger (Germany)
  3. 3 CNC – Aerotech A3200 (USA)
  4. Measuring systems and sensors — Renishaw company (England)
  5. Pneumatic systems — Festo (Germany) and Camozzi (Italy)
  6. Flexible cables, cable channels, electronics, related systems produced by leading European and American manufacturers.
  7. The linear drive used in ARAMIS laser cutting machines is the most reliable solution, which allows you to practically forget about the need for maintenance.

All maintenance of the drive is reduced to the lubrication of the guides, not more than 1 time per year. In the entire history of the production of such systems (more than 12 years), we do not have more than one precedent for failure.


Type of laser

Ytterbium doped fiber laser

Beam delivery

through fiber

Average lasing power (nominal value), W

1000 — 4000

Lasing / cutting mode

pulsed, CW

Lasing wavelength, nm


Kinematic scheme

portal-type, work-piece is fixed/non-movable

Movement system

linear drive

Basic configuration of processing field size, mm


ositioning accuracy of coordinate Х,Y, mm


Focus control system

non-contact, automatic

Cutting width, mm (depending on the thickness of the material)


Process gases used

oxygen, nitrogen, argon, compressed air

Data formats

DXF, DWG, G-code

Possible methods for loading data

the Internet, the local network, USB flash drive

Power supply

~ 380 ± 18%; 50 Hz; 3-phase

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