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AFX-Base laser cutting complex

AFX series laser machines have a reinforced gantry mechanism, which, in combination with an automated double pallet table, allows for the highest productivity and processing efficiency.

Highest performance.
Linear drives in X, Y axes.
Two-pallet automated table.
High dynamics of movements, maximum efficiency of the processing process.

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  • No need for maintenance by the manufacturer
  • Low operating costs
  • Highest reliability
  • Excellent quality of the resulting processing

Powers of the supplied lasers

Laser cutting machine Laser power, W Maximum sheet thickness, mm (Steel 3)
AFX-2000 2000 Up to 16,0
AFX-3000 3000 Up to 19,0
AFX-4000 4000 Up to 21,0
AFX-5000 5000 Up to 24,0

The use of a direct drive based on linear motors allows for maximum accuracy, stability of characteristics and high reliability.



The supplied software package allows you to:

  • make cutting with a general cut in automatic mode, take into account the width of the cut
  • optimize idling;
  • if necessary, introduce a prohibition on the passage of the cutting head over cut-out areas;
  • keep records of blanks, received parts and business waste;
  • automatically set micro-jumpers in the cutting contour.
  • The software package allows you to load and edit drawings in .dwg, .dxf and any other formats supported by CAD, and also has the ability to network synchronization with personal computers and the ability to read information from various types of electronic media.

The software of the laser complex is compatible with the equipment of all leading world analogues, such as Bystronic, Trumpf, Amada, LVD, Finn-Power, etc., and is also suitable for plasma, bending and coordinate-nibbling machines.


Type of laser

Ytterbium fiber

Beam transmission

Optical fiber

Focused radiation spot width

0.07-0.15 mm

Average radiation power

2000; 3000; 4000; 5000 watts

Kinematic diagram

Portal, the sheet is motionless

Basic options for the size of the processing field

3000 × 1500;

X, Y coordinate drive type

Linear drive

Z coordinate drive type


Maximum travel speed

120 m / min

Focus maintenance system


Supply voltage

~ 380 ± 18%; 50 Hz; 3-phase

Power consumption of the laser installation, no more

no more than 15.0 kW (for a laser with a power of 2 kW)

Weight of the laser cutting machine


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