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BDL -1250/9D

The Undisputed Leader in Beam Drilling Productivity

Combining sophisticated Siemens electronics, heavy duty carbide drilling and superior feedback, the BDL-1250/9D drill spindle is both versatile and efficient. Processing an average of 200 plus tons of structural steel per 40-hour work week, the BDL-1250/9D is the beam drill line solution for large fabricators.

Unmatched Drilling Speed

With superior clamping power to accommodate carbide drilling, the BDL-1250/9D boasts an impressive 1800 RPM spindle speed. With today’s modern technologies including micro-mist coolant, spindle specific motors, carbide part marking, Smart Spindle II technology and automatically adjusting roller measurement, we created the industry’s premier drill line.

Cerere ofertă

High Speed Carbide Drilling

The drill assemblies of the BDL-1250/9D employ 25 HP (18.5 kW) Siemens servo motors. These spindles boast a speed range of 145-1800 RPM. The exceptional strength of the BDL-1250/9D spindles allow for faster processing times in drilling, tapping, countersinking and scribing using carbide tooling.

Nine Spindles Makes for Constant Operation

The three drill assemblies on the BDL-1250/9D operate simultaneously or independently of one another using either the same or different drill diameters, speeds and feeds.

Nonstop Throughput with Roller Feed Measurement

Peddinghaus’ Roller Feed Measurement system exceeds the industry standard for roller measurement technology. Maintaining accurate measurements without any hesitation in production is crucial. Accuracy is not compromised even despite deviations in material.

Sturdy Drill Clamping to Eliminate Vibration

The BDL-1250/9D employs a series of support clamps in order to achieve optimum rigidity of the workpiece through the machine. Carbide tool life is best sustained with the least amount of vibration possible.

Smart Spindle II Technology for Faster Drilling

Smart Spindle drilling technology begins by rapidly approaching the material, probing against the material if the length has not already been established. The tool then retracts, spins in open air and samples air drilling torque. Upon breakthrough of the material, the machine senses a drop in torque similar to the air drilling reading. The tool then retracts rapidly and advances to the next hole in the pattern.

Band Saw Integration

The BDL-1250/9D heavy duty drill line with its powerful material handling support, meticulous measurement capabilities and high speed designs are ideal for tandem installations with any of Peddinghaus’ automatic sawing systems.

AccuMeasure Allows Complete Handling Control

Saw measurement options are available via the Peddinghaus AccuMeasure Roller Feed measurement system. The AccuMeasure allows for complete handling versatility, while maintaining a streamlined CNC solution. Splitting apart a drill and a saw allows neither machine to wait for the other, maximizing production.



25 HP

Spindle Drill:



50" Maximum Profile Width


200+ Tons Per Week


1 character per second with a depth of 1/32" (.8 mm) and a total height of 1/2" (12 mm)



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